Our Area

The base at Cae Adda Chapel, on the banks of Trawsfynydd lake, was donated by Magnox, it originally being one of their laboratories. The team now have this on a 25 year lease, paying a peppercorn rent.

At the present time (July 2000) the team is in the process of refurbishing the building with the help of a very generous donation from World Online, one of the teams’ sponsors.
The base is ideally situated for radio communication throughout the teams’ area. it will be used for search and rescue co-ordination, as the main equipment store and as a site for all types of training courses, which are continually needed for updating the skills of the team members.

SSSART covers an area of approximately 800 square kilometres. comprising the Rhinogs. the Moelwyns and the Arennig Mountains as well as large areas of moorland and farmland.
These wilderness areas attract those walkers and climbers who wish to get away from the more populated mountain areas in the north of the National Park.